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Providing world-class service and professionalism by creating exceptional experiences for residents, delivering outstanding risk-adjusted returns for investors, and offering comprehensive solutions to clients.

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Driving community prosperity and investor success through thoughtful and strategic real estate investment.

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Blakeworth, a boutique real estate investment firm founded in 2020, has rapidly expanded from its initial focus on student housing around the founder's alma mater to owning over 50 diverse properties across the Northeast. The firm distinguishes itself in competitive markets through creative design, advanced technology, and community-focused initiatives, while also offering a resilient investment model with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Committed to innovation, Blakeworth has developed a hybrid management model and provides unique value to investors through strategies like tax exemption and 1031 exchanges. The firm also offers consulting services, backed by its commitment to transparency and consistent, high-quality investor communication.

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Location, location, location

The locations we select are more than just sites for investment; they are places where people live, work, and grow. At Blakeworth we dedicate ourselves to being active participants in their ongoing development long term. New markets are selected with a stringent criteria, as we strive to hold these investments over an extended period, nurturing them to maturity as integral parts of their respective communities.


Strategic Market Research

Through rigorous examination of economic and demographic trends, we ensure that our investments are viable today and poised for future expansion. We identify sub-markets that demonstrate sustainable dynamism, thereby aligning our investments with the trajectory of the community's evolution.


Focused Execution and Asset Acquisition

Through the utilization of our extensive research and strategic partnerships, we acquire enduring assets in great locations at an optimal cost basis. Our methodology identifies investment opportunities that offer compelling value propositions. Subsequently, we implement value augmentation strategies through proficient asset management, construction oversight, and property administration. Our meticulously designed system is tailored to optimize asset performance, resulting in the generation of positive cash flows and the sustained enhancement of asset stability.


Building strong partnerships & communities

A crucial step in our strategy is developing a network of local experts and forming partnerships within our chosen markets. These invaluable relationships provide our team with unique insights into each locality and provide a distinct competitive edge, allowing us to quickly and efficiently identify and seize opportunities.

Our strategy encompasses a commitment to reinvestment in support of local educational institutions and non-profit organizations. We firmly believe that the success of our projects is intrinsically tied to the prosperity of the communities in which they operate.


Adaptive Growth and Improvement

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving, and so are our strategies. Our unwavering dedication to continuous learning and adaptability, ensures our methods stay effective and relevant. By keeping our finger on the market’s pulse, we position ourselves to consistently deliver strong results and sustain our upward growth trajectory within all market cycles.

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